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Favourite Things




For Today's Real Human BEING Extraordinary

This is a very exciting edition for us because this editions is ALL about our favourite things - which is a bit of a misnomer because everything we feature in is related to our favourite thing, person or people! 

In this edition, we meet some extraordinarily talented individuals who, more than  just talent, demonstrate a dedication to serving the people around them, particularly during these challenging times. They are inspiring, indeed!

We hope Winter Solstice and Chanukah left you

renewed, Christmas was merry, and Kwanzaa was a grand celebration for you and those you love.

2020 was a demonstration of the unfathomable, and a lesson on who we truly are. Let's usher in 2021 with gratitude for our resiliency because DANG! we have been resilient surviving what we have survived - some of us even found enjoyment through the year. Well done. 


Blessings to those for whom loss has been great. We hold you in our hearts, and say, "if you feel alone and want help, reach out."

Love is in abundance.






Are You Gaslighting -


 Gaslighting has become a word with strong negative associations. The main reason for this is, we often identify the person gaslighting as a cruel, controlling, narcissist whose sole purpose is to manipulate others for his/her own gain. But, who is this narcissist? How did s/he become a narcissist? Should we feel sorry for him? Hate her? Try to save her? Maybe we should run from him as quickly as we can 

What is often missed, even dismissed, when discussing the act of gaslighting is that average, regular, good, folks gaslight people, as well. 

There are two types of congenial people who use the tool of gaslighting.

The first are those who gaslight - try to make someone's reality a non reality - with what they consider "good" intentions. 

Take, for example, an artist who thinks her work is terrible or a friend who feels he is a failure. The last thing most people would say is, "Yes, your art is dreadful!" or "You are a complete disaster!" Most people would refute the artist and friend's assertions. Even if the assurer believes the artist's work is horrendous, s/he would say something like,"Your work is great. Don't be so hard on yourself." In the case of the friend, most people would insist the friend is wrong - even if said friend has had a terrible history of caring for himself. 

That is attempting to alter someone's reality.

Several therapies exist where altering one's reality - shifting one's thoughts of focus from hurtful, damaging images to positive, helpful ones - is fundamental. These therapies have proven to change one's outlook and enhance one's life. The difference with these therapies is the denial of hurtful thoughts/ realities is not called into play only the shifting of focus is expected.


What does that mean?


Take this example as an answer: if a child falls, scrapes his knee, and sees blood seeping from his broken skin, he is likely to start crying - if not over the severity of the injury then over the shock and fear from the incident. An adult (with years of experience witnessing cuts and wounds) might recognize that the scrape is minor. Wishing to stop the child from crying or panicking or feeling the pain, the adult might say, "Oh that's nothing; just a little scrape" or "It doesn't really hurt. It's no big deal." In saying something along those lines, the good meaning adult neglects to realize that to the child, seeing his own blood - particularly for the for the first time - is more than nothing. To the child, the sharp, burning, sensation of the scrape is contrary to anything he has ever felt. To The Child, the (new) sensation coupled with the shock from the fall defines the feeling as "hurt." To the Child, he is hurt; and he is taking the situation very seriously. A trusted adult stating that the child's experience is wrong (is not what he sees) distorts the child's reality of what he is witnessing. He is shocked, sees blood, is afraid, and feels pain, but the adult is telling him he does not see what he sees. This approach is unhelpful. In fact, this can be is harmful.

Actually helping the child, involves seeing the situation from his perspective. The adult can say, "Oh, you fell. Are you O.K?" Such a question encourages the child to do a quick mental assessment of himself. We humans do this subconsciously when asked how we are doing. If the scraped knee is the child's focus, acknowledging the scrape is important."Look at that. You skinned your knee. Does it burn? Tingle?" This question acknowledges the situation, and gives the child (new?) words to identify the feelings signalling from his knee. "That's interesting." Such a statement piques the child's curiosity. Now he is asking questions, if only in his mind, what's interesting? An injury can be interesting? "I see you scraped some layers of skin back. See that red?" Oh no! Scary "About two layers of skin was scraped back. Can you see the skin?" Oh... yeah. "May I try to straighten/move your leg? Shall we see if anything is broken?" This question shifts the child's focus to the realization that his injury could be worse than it is. It also reassures him that "things are not worse." The message of "being OK" is allowed to sink into the child's mind, bringing him to a state of willingness. At this stage he is willing to either get over the injury: "it's no big deal. I am O.K " or move to the next step: "It hurts, but what should I do, now?" Depending upon the child, the next step might be a play by play of cleaning, covering then being careful with the injury or he might run off completely done with the entire experience. Either way, many lessons have been passed on to the child in a few short minutes. Lessons that builds the Child's self awareness, observational skills, injury knowledge, and coping abilities. Building a child's ability to cope is one of the greatest gifts adults can give a child. Most children will feel good about having managed the incident so - maturely. 


Actually helping  - anyone - involves Acknowledgement: I see your problem; Reassurance: I also see how you might have come to that conclusion, and a Solution: to what their focus could be shifted. 


The flip side to gaslighting with caring intent, is gaslighting with malice.

There are "good" people who gaslight due to feelings of insecurity or hurt, feeling "less than" or any version of adverse feelings. They are "fighting back" at individuals or experiences (often developed in the past) that caused the injurious emotion. Often this retaliation is in the form of trickery, making fun of or bad mouthing "the transgressor."

Let's be clear: the deliberate act to mislead, confuse or ruin a person's reputation is malicious because the desire is to take from that individual. Whether it is taking that person's clarity, their peace, their joy, their pride, their control, their position in another's mind/heart it is equal to or worse than taking someone's money or home; money can be re-made, a home can be repurchased, a person's reputation or sense of self can be far more challenging to regain. 

The idiom, 'Messing with someone' or 'Messing with someone's head' is altering the target's state of reality - usually allowing the trickster to feel better (more powerful, more in control, more relief from feeling bad), even if only temporarily.

Young people behave this way, regularly, with each other as they jockey to establish power. This behaviour is often deemed "harmless"as they are "only teasing" each other. Kids will be kids, everyone experiences this child play, some say, refusing to accept that many individuals find this conduct hurtful - if not damaging. What happens when this behaviour is brought into adulthood? We see this conduct in the work place, amongst athletes, between family members and friends. What happens when it is used against a loved one?

An associate visited her parents' home (long before we ever uttered the expression, COVID19). She was busy in her childhood room when she heard her father suddenly shouting, stomping then cursing  in frustration. Rushing to her father's aid, the associate witnessed her father walking from the television set to his chair then slumping into the chair. Within seconds, he leapt from his chair, cursing, stomped to the television set, fiddle behind it then returned, even more agitated, to his chair. Upon asking her father what was going on, he explained a recent problem where the remote control would suddenly die and change the channel from the program he was watching. The associate examined the remote control her father had which indeed had no effect on the TV. Examining the remote more closely, she realized her father had the wrong remote for the television set. Accepting that her father was too focused on his program and vexed by the situation to listen to her explanation, the young woman approached her mother who was in the next room. She was certain that her mother, who always knew where everything was, would be able to find the right remote control for the television set, solving her father's problem. Upon entering the room, the young woman's mother had her back to her, and she noticed her mother's shoulders shaking. Alarmed, she rushed to comfort her mother, assuming she was crying over her father's outbursts. As she turned her mother to face her, the associate realized, her mother was not crying but actually laughing. Her mother was laughing so hard, tears streamed down her cheeks. It was at that moment, the associate saw a remote control in her mother's hand, and a horrible realization came over her. "Mom," she said, "Are you switching the channel to drive Dad crazy?" When her mother laughed, desperately wiping tears from her face, the young associate asked, "Why would you do that? Don't you see how upset he is?" Her mother sobered long enough to reply, "He has his entertainment; I have mine." 

The associate explained that when her father worked, he put in long hours that essentially brought him home only to eat and sleep - even on holidays. When he retired, her mother expected that they would finally spend their leisure time, together: taking trips and doing the things they could not do when he was employed. Instead, her mother complained, her father only wanted to sit in front of 'his' television set, watching 'his programs.'


The mother's trickery was due to years of waiting, wanting, and accepting less of her husband's time (being neglected over his job), only to be discounted and neglected, once again. This time she was neglected for her husband's favourite television programs. Instead of the mother admitting her hurt, she chose to express herself in a way that caused her husband the anger and frustration that she felt. 





Are you altering someone's reality with good intention?

If you find, you are telling another that their reality is not real then the answer is, "yes." Please stop.


Altering someone's reality to make them feel better, might be causing them more harm than good. You may have honourable intentions, but, believing is knowing until one believes something else. Telling someone a 'lie' is denying what what they believe/know is true. Lying to someone may create for them even greater discord because denying another's reality, may force them to call into question their ability to know what they know; you may be encouraging their questioning of self even more so - which is the opposite outcome of your intention. So, stop. Tell the truth as you see it. Say to the artist, "I don't understand your art, but, all famous artists have their specific following" or "Many great artists supplemented their income in other ways in order to pursue their passion." Tell your friend who feels hopeless, "Your history is challenging. Many people take time finding the way suited to them. I trust you will do that. What gifts do possess that you can share with the world/capitalize upon?" In both scenarios you have acknowledged the individual's truth then shifted their focus to possible solutions. Shifting focus can be challenging, but, it is better than being told that what you know is not what you know.


Are you "messing with someone" because it makes you feel better about yourself?


If you are creating confusion in someone's mind where there is actually no confusion: if you are lying to your loved one to "get away" with something or to "avoid consequences" for your behaviour; if you want to avoid owning your action/ behaviour so your loved one will not be angry or sad or see the worst in you - the answer is yes, and it is in your best interest to stop this behaviour.


If you are akin to the associate's mother, you know you are "messing with someone's head." More importantly, you know why you are intentionally inflicting harm onto them. You may be hurt, insecure, feeling "less than," threatened, unworthy - aka unloved - but stop the behaviour. You must stop because you are living a dishonest life. The reason you are "acting out," the reason you are "lashing out" is because looking in, hurts. Avoiding, discounting, suppressing the pain, turning a blind eye to the source or pretending the reason for the pain does not exist is cheating the person most important and relevant to you - yourself. 

The worst thing you can do is live dishonestly. The worst thing you can do to yourself is accept the lie that you are anything other that the incredible being that you are - the perfectly imperfect human being - in spite of what someone (who was probably quite hurt his/herself) expressed to you. 


Nelson Mandela said, “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” 



Stop being the outlaw in your life.




Whether with loving or malicious intent, a little thing like dishonesty - let's call it what it is - a lie, creates distress all around you. From yourself to your intimate circle to the customer in the hardware aisle, lies create disharmony, discord, and as described by many professionals, dis-ease (disease). Dis ease spreads from one person to another to another... then we wonder why the world is in turmoil.


Whatever the motivation that once described your actions, the benefit to all is to observe, assess then recognize your impact.


As we continue through our day, we each have impact on the world which begins at our core truth. When we aim for the integrity of that truth, less pain will be experienced intentionally or unintentionally. 

Psst... not sure how to access your truth?

Pay attention to yourself for the day. The week...

Note your exchanges with the people around you - literally, get a note book. Write what people have said to you, what you said to them, and how those conversations made you feel. The purpose is to be aware of you.

Look for things like:

  • Not remembering saying/doing things that others say you did.

  • Being aware of your body. Are you saying you are not angry but your body is tense or your voice is restricted?

  • Is "The Problem" always someone else's fault?

  • Do your loved ones need constant 'fixing' i.e. criticisms/reminders of your rightness? 

  • Are you using "outsiders" to support/validate your loved one's lack?

  • Maybe, in the worse case scenario, other people do not want to be around you?

  • Do you make comments or do "tiny things" to aggravate loved ones? Do you try to push them to a point where they will get angry, cry or yell at you?.

  • Maybe you often accuse people of being petty or over reacting.

  • Do you lie when confronted?  

  • Do you regularly push the boundaries of  your partner's, child's, friend's, parent's unconditional love of you - making them prove their love for you?


Review your day, your week. Congratulations. That was the hardest part. 


we each have impact on the world which begins at our core truth.

know why you are intentionally inflicting harm

helping involves Acknowledgement, Reassurance and a Solution

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Dressing Celebrity


Say Hello to

Sergio Hudson

Christopher John Rogers

Kerby Jean-Raymond

How many can boast that their fashions are a staple in a former First Lady's closet?

Sergio Hudson can. In fact, all of the above mentioned know precisely what it is like to be recognized by America's top leaders in the political, athletic, business, and celebrity worlds.


Michelle Obama, accompanied by her stately husband, was especially formidable in her purple ensemble worn at President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris' inauguration. Those  'fit featured' high-waist, wide-leg pants, cozy turtleneck, and floor-length coat - dang! were tied together with a statement-making gold-hardware belt. And that was just this year. Michelle has stepped out in a Sergio design upon several occasions including while promoting her book, Becoming, in Atlanta, last year. Michelle awed all in a stylish - also purple (the colour of royalty) - number complete with sequenced black bustier. Rarrrr... Let's also remember the fabulously bedazzled piece she smashed us with at the Essence Festival, in the Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, in 2019.

Along the same line of supporting au courant talent, newly elected Vice President, Kamala Harris, chose to accessorize her violet ensemble, by Christopher John Rogers, with a pair of Hudson’s shoes. At the evening event, Harris appeared in a a floor length sequin cocktail dress with a floor-length silk tuxedo overcoat, both in inky black - both by Hudson.

In a January, 2021, BAZAAR interview, Sergio stated, “I was 4 when I decided to be a fashion designer. I was 5 when I started trying to make my own outfits.”


Guess it all worked out. Sergio has dressed the gambit of Hollywood's famous, including Amal Clooney, Issa Rae, and Tracee Ellis Ross. Well, when you are good, you are good!

Speaking of good, we have already RAVED about Christopher John Rogers in our SS 2020 edition. We just love him - which is why he is on this years first cover! Check out the edition in which he was featured, and tell us, "Were we right (about him) or were we right?" Kamala certainly thinks so - ahem, Madam Vice President, that is! 


According to VOGUE October 6, 2020 article by Janelle Okwodu, "fresh off a 2019 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund win, Rogers appreciated the chance to reflect. His direction is now to focus on joy and simplicity; designing not just for the A-list celebrities... but for the everyday people looking for a luxury mood booster."

On behalf of we 'everyday people,' Christopher John, we are grateful!


Listed in Forbes 2015, 30 Under 30 in Art And Style,  Kerby Jean Raymond began designing at a young age. He landed his first apprenticeship at 14 while still attending The High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan. Kerby started his first fashion label called Mary's Jungle at the age of 15. This law school dropout turned freelance fashion designer, worked for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Kenneth Cole until starting his own label in 2013. 


Kerby Jean Raymond first entered the spotlight for his presentation of Pyer Moss' Spring 2016 Menswear Collection during New York Fashion Week. The show highlighted police brutality, referencing the Black Lives Matter movement through the use of video, street art, and fashion. 


2020 may have been a dash! year for many, but, not for Kerby Jean Raymond. He won both the CFDA Award for Menswear Designer of the Year, Harlem’s Fashion Row award for Designer of the Year, and was named Global Creative Director of sportswear for the Reebok brand. 

With all his accolades - and there are many - what struck us about Mr. Kerby Jean Raymond, what makes him stand out for us, is his desire to create a "new world" by cultivating new communities.


This visionary, believes in something too many big names miss - sharing the wealth. He has put his money (and supporters) where his mouth is by highlighting social justice organizations and pairing them with specific Pyer ware. If not all - a portion of proceeds from the sale of said ware is donated to the organization - going back into the community. More than the thought, time, and energy he (and his team) spend on the product, the recognized organization is carefully selected. What we appreciate most about Kerby (probably because we do the same at is his commitment to  organizations attempting to balance social wrongs. Hard working, passionate, individuals are elevated through his recognition which elevates the community. This determination provides the most necessary element - financial resources - that raises a community's equity opportunity. Yes, Kerby is passionate about levelling the playing field for those most passed over - which includes pledging support to frontline workers as well as female/Black owned businesses struggling in this new COVID World. 


Wow... Mind. Blown.


See why we saved him for last?

Visit, and click on the very cool subtitle tab EXIST TO RESIST for more information, and on how you can add support.

Also, check out these fab sites ⤵. You will be glad you did.  this site is blazing

Our Fave Christopher John Rogers

SS 2021


Sergio Hudson

We especially appreciate that Kerby Jean Raymond knocks it out of the park for all genders, ages, and sizes that love style.

See some of his strongest pieces as well as his take on

Reebok Sportsware.

Have you met Kerby's classmate Aurora James, yet? Here is why you should .

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Lovin' Aurora James is easy.

What''s to love about this young model, discovered in a mall, turned award winning fashion designer?


Well, first up, Aurora James is Canadian, mmhm... One of her gigs, post a two year modelling stint, was with Toronto Fashion icon, Jeanne Beker at Fashion Television.

Second - have you seen her SHOES? Girl, Pa-Leez! 

Third, and most importantly, Aurora is passionate about keeping the traditional artisan works alive from Africa and other old cultures across the globe. She combs the globe then harnesses the practised skills of artisans, their love of Western ware, and her design finesse then presents their combined efforts to the world. Aurora's items are tied in fine, delicate, bows; encased in soft, shearling; woven from raffia or topped with stork feather trimming - yes, I said Stork Feather Trimming - to name a few materials. All these unique novelties are presented via Aurora James' brand, Brother Vellies, launched in 2013.


We especially loved what Aurora said to Ana COLÓN during their Fashionista Interview in 2020: "If I come into a room because I've been given access, I'm going to make more space in that room."

What has us extremely excited about Aurora, is her 15 Percent Pledge determination. Aurora James encourages retailers, like her old faithful industry leaders, Rent the Runway and Sephora, to sign - yes sign - a multi year contract she dubs a pledge. This pledge (number representing the approximate percentage of Black people in the U.S.) is for retailers to dedicate at least 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned brands - as well as committing the same to their company's representation on an executive level while reporting this data!  James wants big retailers to lead the call so everyone is buying Black products. The 15 Percent Pledge is about increasing the visibility of black owned businesses as well as setting them up for longterm success. Aurora explained, "It's also about doing good business. Like, I want to see the next Fortune 500 Black-owned business come up through this program." 


As one who had not considered beginning a fashion brand but fell into the career wanting to support people about to lose their jobs; as someone with zero intention of starting a movement but "had a desire for the world" grow into a nonprofit from an Instagram post (the Fifteen Percent Pledge)Aurora's story is a lesson on trusting oneself and following one's passion. "You want your greatest love to be your hobby, and then you hope that it can turn into a job." Aurora James believes, following her passion is how she received the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award in 2015 which allowed her business to thrive.

The only warning Ms. James has for fellow a business person is to be careful with whom they get into business. "There's a historical precedent for people taking advantage of Black business owners — that happens in every industry" Aurora warns. "There are always wolves in sheep's clothing... I trusted someone... presented to me as a mentor... the one contract that I never had my lawyer look at. And my business has suffered as a result of that. The best mentors that I've had along the way are my friends and my community of other women, where we can be honest with each other and support each other and give each other the information." 

Aurora James warns, entrepreneurs in their enthusiasm to grab on to what appears to be a break, may set their selves up for ill, so, particularly new folks in business, choose deliberately. 


Sound words, indeed.


Oh! Check out Ms. James' SomethingSpecial items. An idea that came to her while pouring a morning coffee and pondering how to save her company's declining sales, support suppliers who counted on her, and pay her staff during this era's most challenging times.  

No need to thank us - just enjoy!

Favourite Things!


Copper Chef Pots - update

We gushed about this line three years ago because we could do anything with it.

The 6 q pot can fit four to five chicken quarters that will brown, crisp or bake, to your heart's content! These pots were also the BEST to make popcorn in- light, fluffy, crunchy popcorn - in zero time! 


At about year three, the aluminum bottoms began oxidizing causing a reaction with our glass top Samsung stove. This reaction left an indelible mark on the glass top. OH, The HORROR!

 Upon informing Copper Chef of the tragedy, we were told about their new line of pots on sale. In other words zero offer to replace the damaged pots (that were discarded) with new pots - which they did when we had  past "issues," and returned the original pots to the warehouse.

If you have other than a glass top stove or you won't mind watching for oxidation at the bottom of your pots after a couple years, we STILL highly recommend them. They might not be "fancy" but we found them mighty handy. 

SIDEBAR: the pots customer service recommended is a new addition to their line which has a stainless steel bottom (suppose to be nonreactive with glass top stoves). 

Stay tuned for our review on the Copper Chef Titan Pan. 

SO exciting! 

Snoop Dawg!  

What we appreciated about this brand is the cool label - hey, It's Snoop Dog!

The taste, we found to be a pleasant surprise. This is a smooth tasting zin blend which is quite nice - if not a weee bit too? sweet. We liked it, though - actually, we loved it - we think.

The good news is, there is a variety of blends that should appeal to many palettes. 

Once we try the variety, we will have more information to share. For now, this wine is one of the few "celebrity" wines we would share with friends - when we are allowed to have friends over, again!

Let us know what you think.


Until then, here is what you can expect:  19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red.

Full and dense, with strong black & blue fruit notes up front from the Petite Sirah, complemented by bright red, slightly candied fruit in the background from the Zinfandel. The darkly toasted oak ties it all together along with a slightly sweet finish.


ENJOY! Drink responsibly.

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When the regular five-cup coffee machine finally stopped working, this machine presented itself - seemingly out of nowhere. You see, for years, we had searched  for a coffee machine that would do all that we wanted: make ONE cup of coffee or a ten cup pot with zero problem; froth hot chocolates, make specialty hot beverages; it also had to be sleek as opposed to a clunky number taking up space on the counter - all for under three hundred dollars. It was a tall order. Suddenly a quick dash into Walmart turned up the Ninja Coffee Bar. It seemed to have everything we wanted, but, on sale for a little over a hundred, it was too good an offer to pass up. To our amazement, it is all that we were looking for - and then some. Although it is sizeable, the streamline look makes it appear smaller. 

Did I mention this machine was under $150 - with tax??  


Thanks, Ninja!


Eat 3 Eggs a day, Are You Mad?

No. But YOU Might be if You Don't!

Font: Cinzel / Header


She's Back!

davina-bennett eve Harlowe pic.jpg

You may have noticed by our epigram, we have broadened our focus. was created to highlight the underrepresented in mainstream media. Often such an individual was the woman of the African Diaspora, of the Original People, of the community, and of mature years.

It was she who picked up the Sword of Purpose, cutting, thrusting, and clearing a path for others to walk without obstruction - or with less obstruction, at least.

When we began our journey it was to highlight: Today's Real Woman doing Extraordinary Things. As the years progressed (we are now in our seventh) we have come to appreciate that: woman has fought her battle with man at her side, at her back as well as before her, as necessary; she has never been alone.

There is respect and recognition of this awareness.

So, we also  embrace the greatness our men have achieved, and continue to achieve, for us with us because of us. 

In agreement with this awareness, there are many few in years, graced with wisdom, persistence, power - who are also making (a) way for others. For this reason, we make a new statement to highlight: Today's Real Human BEING Extraordinary (with special attention to she who wields the the sword). 

Davina Bennet is an example of our new statement.

Crowned Miss Jamaica, this Second Runner up at Miss Universe Pageant, 2017 was only twenty one when she did the thing no other had done in the pageant's 66 year history, she wore her hair natural. Maybe it was the times, maybe it was her nature; whatever the explanation, this young woman did it first, proving herself audacious. Remember, she did this during a time of backlash where women - of the African Diaspora - were being fired, called unprofessional, shamed, berated, for wearing their hair as they were born - unprocessed. This young woman challenged beauty stereotypes on a stage before millions, tens of millions across the globe while standing proudly. Praises of her dauntlessness echoed across the world, bringing positive attention to her homeland for which she travels as Ambassador.


If more is required to speak of this young woman's character, Davina founded the Davina Bennett Foundation for the Deaf, spreading awareness of the deaf society and championing the cause for the hearing challenged. Soon, a platform will be launched where people can join Davina in her efforts by donating to her charity. Interest has been great proving she no longer needs to be working singularly.

This winner of the Prime Minister's Youth Award for Excellence in the category of International Achievement, 2018, caught the eye of Columbian Superstar, singer, Maluma, a few short months ago. Out of all the countries - including his own - and all the women, Davina was chosen to appear in his #7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica) EP. Maluma's EP features seven songs accompanied with music videos. This EP was an authentic Love Letter to Jamaica, using only local talent (hello! Ziggy Marley and Charly Black), honouring the country's authentic vibe and culture with tropical, dancehall and reggae beats. Filmed between Jamaica and Colombia, Davina's decision to hold true to the Jamaican tribute was accomplished - once again - with her hair. Historically inherent in the Jamaican fabric, Davina and her stylist presented stunning versions of "dreds," saluting Jamaica's ties to Rastafarian vitality. 

Learn more about Davina and her foundation; stay tuned for what else she will do (we hold our breaths in anticipation), click here.

Thanks, Annette.

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The First Day of Spring is Saturday, March 20, 2021!

So, what now?

Well, first of all, it's time to get your work gear ready:

  • Rain boots,

  • garden gloves,

  • maybe a rain coat, and

  • seeds so you can prep for filling that scratch vegetable garden you plan on making.

Speaking of which do you need to build/ buy/ clean out planters? 

Maybe it is time to get your pots out of storage or purchased from that local nursery. Whatever the case, tour your dwelling, make a note of what you envision/ hope for and what you will need to turn that dream to a reality. Psst... if you are dreaming of adding hundreds of dollars of plants to your garden (which is easy to do), check with your neighbours, first. Those with established gardens would LOVE to share their babies with you. I know I did...

Spring is the time avid gardeners begin to contemplate garden maintenance i.e. what plants need to be thinned out, removed or left alone. NO accomplished gardener would prefer to see their plants in the garbage - even if said garbage is a composter (that will return to the garden as fertilizer). We are always - well, most always - thrilled to know 'our plants' will end up bringing joy to someone else's home. We most often appreciate the intrusion - especially when you declare that our garden is the most stunning garden of all!



Sophia's Collection

I Have had the opportunity to meet fascinating people, and have found some very cool things along the way. Here is a sample of some of my favourite items -  many made by local creators/artists - with plenty more to come in the future. So, shop until your heart is content. 


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