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Winter 2019


Oh, Hi! Great to See you.

Welcome to the queeniebrownmagazine.com ENTREPRENEUR series.

The previous "Queenie Brown"issue featured three incredible women in varied stages of their careers. All held fantastic ideas and philosophies related to health, joy, and sharing love with the community around them.

We highlighted a famous entrepreneur who has been blazing her trail for decades with a skyrocketed empire; another who, due to illness and curiosity, established a lifestyle and brand over several years that heals the curious; and a newly emerging healer energized with love - she herself states - was missing from her childhood.

All three fabulous women are a force to reckoned with - in her own right!

That is what, we, at queeniebrownmagazine.com want to share with you:

YOU are an incredible force to be reckoned with in your own right.

YOU possess a worthy and necessary gift that is purposeful on this earth.



Our job, at queeniebrownmagazine.com, is to highlight individuals with the tenacity, determination - even desperation - to present their contributions to society. We want you to read their stories, see yourself in them then realize, YOU are amazing, too. 

You see, the point we want to share, is most of us are trudging through our daily lives with beautiful dreams dancing in our heads. We also possess negative thoughts, declaring that we are not enough - we have nothing to offer - that we are "just average." We think we are not well known business mogals, superstar performers or popular politicians so, "are nothing special," "have not reached our potential" or "don't have potential."

Such thoughts are complete hog wash, existing the farthest away from the truth. 

The Truth is, some of us impact the world on a micro level, some of us impact on a macro level. Both measures are VITAL to our communities and in helping each other.

Hence this "Keeping It Real" issue.

Look, it is impossible that we all be Ghandi, Mother Teresa, the Pope, Oprah, Bill Gates or Beyonce. They are who they are, doing what they are destined to do - at their level.

If you think that group you organized for better conditions at work, school or religious establishment; those singing lessons you conducted for people who love to sing (but really cannot sing) or that chat you had, lifting the spirits of a colleague, school mate, friend, stranger - or even that individual you don't like - is nothing big, think again! Those folks you helped needed you, benefited from you, and are grateful to/for you, even if they do not, did not or cannot express it.

All. Gifts. You give. Are Necessary!

Remember, Mahatma, Teresa, Jorge Mario, Oprah, William Henry lll, and Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, didn't start out thinking they would be world icons. Within them, an idea sparked, they committed to that idea then passion, determination, hard work, and circumstances propelled them to their notoriety.


So, applaud what others do - be inspired by them, even. Just remember to maintain your authentic self: Stop comparing yourself with others thinking you are less than they are; be honest with yourself then do what you must to share your necessary gift.

One never knows what ripple Little Ol' YOU will set into motion. 

Just Keep it Real and take action!



Loved the Huggy Bear Brown vibe of Tom Ford's FW 2019 New York show - mixed with STUNNING elegance which is typical Tom Ford.  Maybe it was the music but definitely the clothes, every piece of this line was a dream. TF has done it, AGAIN, this season!


Not to be out shone, this season was packed with great asymmetrical neck lines, comfortable cozy knits, and fabulous capes - to name a few -  from across the globe! We have included some items that we think are a must see - including a tiny a peek into spring. Enjoy!


The Cardinells






Having had the pleasure of being acquainted with Aaron and Deanna for some time, it is with sincerity, they are identified as friends. They have earned this title not due to the 14 oz steaks they BBQ during their summer dinners or their hot tub/ pool invitations... though those generosities have not hurt their status... but, they have skyrocketed to status "friend" due to just that - their generosity of self. The Cardinells are as giving and welcoming as their quick, booming laughter... well, Deanna's quick booming laughter and Aaron's equally easy chuckle.

If either Aaron or Deanna know you have a need, they are quick with a solution and or a helping hand - which could account for the business they own, one of the local physiotherapy offices in the town of Cobourg, Ontario.


This is a first for QBM.com, recognizing a couple for an issue feature. Aaron and Deana have proven so darn impressive, it would be erroneous not to share their story - and no, this feature has nothing to due with Aaron being a fellow "Pegger" (a person from Winnipeg Manitoba), though, can there be cooler people?


What makes them so impressive? First of all, this dynamic duo packed their bags, and moved over 2000 km across country from Deanna's home province of Alberta, to build a new life in Ontario. They were in their twenties when they established a medical practice in a town of approximately 15, 000 people - in the 90's - when the median age of the town was fifty-three! This achievement speaks to an audacity few can claim. Aaron was, and remains, the clinic physical therapist while Deanna runs the office like a well wound clock. Their clients are regaled with banter and laughter, but don't let the jokes and story telling fool you, you are at Cardinell Physical Therapy to get well; Aaron and Deanna insist upon it. As if being well educated, dedicated, babies entering the medical world was not enough, Aaron also saw clients at his clinic in the Tyendinaga First Nations Territory.


"I found it necessary to bring wellness to my people." Aaron states.


Passion for all his Aboriginal people lead to Aaron becoming a member of First Nations Health in Canada, working on health projects with various Indigenous National political leaders, Federal Canadian government politicians, community Chiefs and Tribal health authorities. Through these experiences Aaron founded Indigenous Health Solutions (IHS) "with the true intention of Integrating past medical practices with current information technologies." Aaron believes in an accurate data and data collecting system providing optimal health to the indigenous peoples, and honing his abilities with renowned Healers. He has shared his mission at the U.N. General assembly where he received enthusiastic support - as well as an appointment with an equally inspired Polynesian king!

As if their professional devotions are not enough, The Cardinell commitment reaches beyond physical wellness. Aaron's 45 guitar collection is a clue to his and Deanna's after hour pass time where they have appeared at local bars, celebrations, fund raisers - sometimes pro bono - for over twenty-five years. Where they get the energy to do all they do (performing almost weekly) is inspiring, adding to their grandness.


"I always thought I would be a rock star," Aaron confided during one of our outings. "But, since I cannot sing, and only play mediocre guitar, that dream died pretty early." Deanna's wall shaking, emotionally stirring, octaves may distract from Aaron's so called mediocrity (which his guitar playing definitely is not!) but, rock star is precisely the persona Aaron and Deanna portray. They inspire, bring humour, and genuinely want to live life to the fullest - all while demonstrating an even greater desire to share this love of life with others. They possess definite Rock Star qualities.  

                Our FAVOURITE Things                        for the holidays!


Hanukkah begins at sundown on Sunday, Dec. 22 and lasts until sundown on Monday, Dec. 30.

Christmas is Wednesday December 25

Kwanzaa begins Thursday, December 26 and ends on Wednesday, January 1, 2020



















Adrienne Vittadini Zip Around Charging Wristlet wallet, with slots for your cards, a clear ID slot, and space for regular size smartphones... K, so the charging station may be lacking, but, DANG! it's cute.

The Massage Pro 3D Kneading Massager - Portable

comes with a strap to hold it in place. Hands free?

Buy it HERE (pssst... if you can wait, check for it at your local HomeShow, and pay 100 bucks!) If you can wait, that is. This product is FAB.


Smart Watch with MultiFunction follows your health data

day and night. Can vibrate with incoming calls on your phone is waterproof IP67, tells time, date, has music controls... what can't this watch do?


Experiencing the hardship of African fashion designers "doing shows in Europe," fashion designer

Adama Amanda Ndiaye initiated a Paris launch of "Black Fashion Week"

in 2012, promoting African designers and models. Since its initial launch,

"Black Fashion Week" has opened the doors for African models to do

photo shoots for fashion magazines and walk cat walks for various labels.

Shows have also been held in the Chec Republic and Canada.

This international daughter of diplomats is a highly influential

presence in Africa. Her Dakkar shows are also the rave. Born in Senegal, 

Adama Amanda Ndiaye studied fashion design in France and considers

herself French and Sangoliese. In spite of her refusal to chose one over the other, Adama's "Black Fashion Week" initiative is highly critisized in France as she is accused of attempting to separate the Black community. Adama of Adama Paris tells DW(.com), Made for Minds, "Black Fashion Week" is not about skin colour but about culture. "Hopefully, there will be a day when I will get a show based on my talent and financial capabilities." Adama's newly opened Paris boutique sells traditional African clothes with a modern twist, featuring various African fashion designers. One highly influential fan fell in love with a particular item

only a bold woman could sport. This fan?

Beyonce, of course.                                                                    

Check out her purchase.

Yes. We want one, too!

Well done, Adama.


Problem(s) with Your Child? How are YOU Taking Responsibility, and Making it Better ?

There is a lot of talk about wellness these days - which is good -particularly with a focus on mental health.

Did you know, "according to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 1 in 3 of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder? These numbers have been rising steadily; between 2007 and 2012, anxiety disorders in children and teens went up 20%.in North America approximately 1 out of 5." https://www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/emotional-problems/Pages/Anxiety-Disorders.aspx The American Psychological Association (APA), surveys for stress in the American public. Since 2013, teens have reported higher levels of stress than adults. The 2018 APA survey, showed that teens reported worse mental health and higher levels of anxiety and depression than all other age groups!


Sure, most of us recall "trying times" from our teens and young adult years which might leave us to wonder, "are these numbers legit or do they reflect an era of reporting and recognizing "issues" (as opposed to our day when adults had no time, patience or understanding to acknowledge youth mental stressors).


Today's reality is, the stories of young people experiencing "breakdowns" or "an inability to cope" are surprisingly common fare. Why is that? What is taking place in the lives of our young that is making them increasingly challenged when it comes to coping?


The first most reported culprit is social media. Imagine, taking the experiences of our day and amplifying said experiences via the latest "social" chatter... if we thought the gossip groups were bad, today, a single thought can circulate across the town, city, county and globe in a matter of hours. Imagine that. Now, imagine comparing ourselves to others on that same scale; being inundated with so many MORE people that are smarter, more attractive with more idialized bodies, popularity, and lifestyles. In the APA survey on teen stress, one third to one half of teen respondents reported that social media made them feel judged or bad about themselves. No kidding! Current Events is another factor harming our newly aware, highly sensitive, youth. Who could blame them? If adults find turning on the 5:30, 6:00 and/or 11:00 news overwhelming, imagine how sweeping such feelings must be for those with the perception of having no power or influence.


So, with rising incidents of mental illness, how do we expect young people to become high functioning - aka productive members of society?

The answer is, we cannot hold such expectations without intervention.

Sure, "We turned out O.K.," but, did we? Or are our children a reflection of our equally, highly dysfunctional, selves that are still experiencing (maybe even more so) paralyzing confusion, insecurities, fears - and for some of us - good 'ol self loathing from our past? If we want to help our young people, we might need to take a look at their influences: ourselves. It may be unintentional (actually it is mostly unconscious), alas our conduct remains highly influential. Remember children learn best from watching the behaviour of those around them and emulating that behaviour (psychological term imitation/modeling). This ability is innate in humans - it is not a learned skill - and is essential for kids to develop healthy academic and social skills. If you want your child to become a reader, let her see you reading often at home. If you want a child to value learning, ask questions and learn new skills yourself.. If you think that untrue, remember hearing your mother's words come out of your mouth? Notice yourself sounding like your father? or parental figure? Just like we, so are our children.  Our caregivers expected much from us - are we expecting too much from our child? Maybe we expect too little to over compensate or vice versa? Our parents demanded hard work and paying dues; are we expecting too little or raising the bar far too high? Are we Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, willing to pay anything so our child can - what? Hang out with rich people and make lots of money? Are we teaching and demonstrating the value of having ethics, and integrity, and wholeness, and self love? Or are we relaying the message that an impressive job title and large bank account are most valuable? Are we, ourselves, demonstrating an ability to cope with life? Maybe we subconsciously promote hopelessness. Are we validating our children or are we secretly competing with them for attention or admiration because we did not get the attention we needed as a child. Maybe we were indulged in our childhood and expect that same adoration - at the RISK of our child living in our cold shadow.

If your child is behaving in a manner that is concerning to you (or to others which is a possible indicator that something is wrong), it is time for self-reflection. Not time for a story about when you were a child and the five miles you walked to school in inclement weather, but, time to examine the baggage with which you have been traveling and assessing how said baggage might be a heavy load for your child to carry along with you. Keep in mind, this observation and assessment is not about criticism. We all have issues, so, don't worry about being a terrible parent or a terrible person (or start feeling sorry for yourself because assessment is NOT ABOUT YOU it is about your child getting help from you). Stay focused. You are simply a human being figuring things out as you travel this road.. adjust or tweak the words and behavour that may be working against your child. Don't worry about "instilling" lessons. Start listening, validating (which is key), and loving them: make time, spend time, eat, chat and laugh with them; rest assured, they are watching you and paying attention. They will get it.

By the way, anything is possible.  

Congratulations on this historic moment!

We are ecstatic for you.

From left, Kaliegh Garris, Miss Teen USA; Nia Franklin, Miss America; Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA; Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe; and Toni-Ann Singh, Miss World.Credit...Paras Griffin/Getty Images; Steven Ferdman/Getty Images; Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA Today Sports, via Reuters; Paras Griffin/Getty Images; Daniel Leal-Olivas/Agence France-Presse

— Getty Images


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