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May 31st, '22 

We did it!


We made it to Spring.


For many, January is the start of our new year. At queeniebrownmagazine.com, SPRING is the beginning. The season of birth, renewal, beginning again, and new opportunities. Flowers are forcing their way upward through soil; buds have appeared, growing plump and shiney; snowdrops (the early garden bulb type) are showing off their faces, demanding attention and full admiration.


How will you greet the season? How will you push through, reach for the light and shine? 


We suggest, boldly.


This is the season of courage and audaciousness. Why not? It is the new year wherein everything is possible. When else is there to enjoy this experience we call life?

If you need help shining or if "shining" isn't your thing, know, the definition depends entirely upon you. Being a stage performer is not an outlet everyone desires. YOU could anonymously treat someone to a free purchase or participate in that challenge you have been contemplating... telling someone they made your day can affect countless others far beyond your knowing.


The point is to be conscious of who you want to be, and be. If you don't know how or what that means, think about that dream - that notion - you had of taking an action or being a certain thing. You know, the one you decided was impractical so you suppressed it. This may be the time to let that desire rise to the surface. This may be the time to give that desire your attention and explore its practicality.


Granted. Reality, obligations, restrictions, exist (this is why you put that calling on the back shelf in the first place). Acknowledge that. Then ask yourself the poignant question: if not now, when? Give yourself a realistic answer. Trust the fact that you are receiving that call for a reason, so, why not understand that reason? Maybe the scale upon which you have the idea will be smaller, more concentrated. Would a smaller scale be less than leaving your dream unexplored?


If you are getting that nagging feeling: a restlessness, a feeling of confusion, it is because YOU know who you are as well as how you are supposed to be. In other words, YOU have been ignoring yourself for too long, and it is time to stop, examine The Calling, then plan action toward it. Remember, even if the plan is to dive right in, preparations are still required. Double check your prep then do it.


If you are feeling satisfaction, Bravo! You have accomplished what FEW have mastered, and most only dream about. We are thrilled for you and would LOVE to share how you have managed this feat. 

We want to hear from you however you are feeling. Let us know how this New Year finds you.. one never knows what could be created through sharing!


The incredible women in this issue shared their frustration, love of fashion, illness, from which wonderful things were born. Let them inspire you, as they have us. Enjoy!

The Remarkable
Rosemary Sadlier

Rosemary Sadlier.png

I have been a long standing fan of Ms. Sadlier's since interviewing her for CaribbeanHeadlineNews.com, almost a decade ago. In those days, I could not grasp how very incredible she was accomplishing the feats she had accomplished. Today, it is incomprehensible to me, why, hers is not a household name - particularly in Canada - particularly for those of or associated with the African Diaspora. In fact, everyone aware of the annual occurrence of Black History Month should, at the very least, be familiar with her name.


Rosemary Sadlier - ROSE MARY SADLIER - was the individual responsible for ensuring Black History Month be acknowledged by Canadian society. Rosemary describes herself as the "driving force" behind this accomplishment which is understandable considering those who made the attempt before her as well as those who participated in its materialization. Jean Augustine, for instance, played a major part in this achievement. Jean, a woman of many 'firsts' including the first African-Canadian woman to be elected to Canada's House of Commons, introduced the motion that The House officially recognize February as Black History Month. That said, if one were to question Dr. Augustine about this fact (which I had), she would say, "Rosemary brought it (the plan) to me."


Rosemary, as in then President of the Ontario Black History Society who, upon accepting this volunteer leadership role, picked up the gauntlet of its past leaders to have Black History Month recognized in Canada. This Torontonian born and raised with long historic ties in Canada dating back to pre-Confederation, attended events and speaking engagements, often at her own expense. She travelled across the province then across the country suggesting, supporting and encouraging people to understand, recognize and celebrate Black History Month. 


This social worker and educator worked tirelessly for decades on this passion. When Ontario proclaimed February as Black History Month in 1993, this proclamation still required Rosemary's annual administrative push to keep the notion relevant. That said, December of '95, in an effort to note “the diversity of the Black community in Canada and its importance in the history of this country," The House of Commons unanimously adopted Dr. Augustine's motion. It was February 16, 2016, over twenty years of determination on Rosemary's part, that Bill 159: An Act to proclaim the month of February as Black History Month, received royal assent, and Ontario became the third province to pass Black History Month legislation.

As if that were not enough, Ms Sadlier secured August 1st as Emancipation Day, municipally, in 1995 and, provincially, in 2008. A national declaration came into effect, March 2021, twenty six years after the municipality.


Post his October 19, 2012 death, Rosemary Sadlier secured a national day of observance for the  Honourable Lincoln Alexander. Also an individual of many firsts including the first Black Canadian Member of Parliament in the House of Commons and the first black person to serve in a viceregal position in Canada as Lieutenant Governor, Lincoln Alexander Day was proclaimed as January 21.

The list is long of everything this Social Justice Advocate accomplished. All of which speak to Ms. Sadlier receiving the Order of Canada - and many other recognitions. 


To my amazement, Ms. Sadlier generously eked out time, for me, from her whirlwind schedule this past February. I positively gushed over her continued endeavours like consulting on a Heritage Minute about Chloe Cooley. Chloe's acts of resistance in Upper Canada during the late 1700's, ironically, led to Canada's first legislation limiting slavery. The Act is ironic because it helped end indenture for Europeans but not slavery of captured Africans! Ms Sadlier also consulted on the Discovery Channel's 4 part series on the Underground Railroad as well as participated in the documentary, "Oscar Peterson: Black + White available for viewing on Crave and HULU. 


Rosemary Sadlier was not as impressed as I, though. Fueled by the ideal of living a purposeful life, Rosemary believes, there is still much to do as Children of African heritage continue to be misrepresented and marginalized by a system that is supposed to help them be their best selves. Having already developed or contributed to African Canadian curriculum, resources and national exhibits, Rosemary's focus and intention remains, realizing a curriculum infused with the African Diasporic experience - not a "stand alone" course or an "add on" class in grade 12. 


This author of seven books (and multiple articles) strives to expand the telling of stories related to the people of our past. She encourages people of the African Diaspora to know our story well enough to share, if we would like it told. Rosemary suggests reading historical recordings and speaking to elders to help gather information. Her Canadian Best Seller, "The Kid's Book of Black Canadian History." is a wonderful example of where to begin. In fact, all her books are wealthy resources amassed just for us.    

Speaking of story, it shocks me that we have yet to read or watch, The Rosemary Sadlier story. A book or movie with which Rosemary agreed needs to be created. She even mused that a narrative of her life "might be quite surprising to some people."


I must say, I look forward to experiencing Rosemary Sadlier's interpretation of 'quite surprising to some people!'


For more information, just google her name.

Aisha Ayensu, Founder and Creative Director of Christie Brown.jpeg

Aisha Ayens

Launched March of 2008, luxury brand, Christie Brown, is an international staple of fresh, new, clothing ideas.  named after her seamstress grandmother, Aisha Ayensu, Founder and Creative Director of Christie Brown, identified the Christie Brown woman as self-assured, in tuned with what looks good on her, and willing to try new things. The pieces speak to "being African" with unique twists on modern trends, making The Christie Brown brand appealing to every shopper. 

Winning the 2009 Emerging Designer of the Year Award (and several related awards to follow) at the inaugural 'Arise Africa Fashion Week' in Johannesburg, South Africa, Christie Brown was one of the first brands to turn a small market of Ghanian shoppers toward a retail culture. This disruption allowed the shopper to stray from the cultural norm of purchasing fabric then going to a tailor or seamstress to make an outfit. 

Only six years after making her fashion dream come true, PR efforts caught the attention of Beyonce whose dancers wore Christie Brown pieces during a segment of her

"Mrs Carter Show" World Tour in 2013. Such exposure added to the Christie Brown Global brand credibility. As the fashion behind the web series, "An African City," Christie Brown received even more curious shoppers in love with the distinct African flare and fine pieces. In 2020, Tina Knowles Lawson (you know, Bey's mother) sported a power suit that took Instagram by storm. Apparently, Tina told her 3.4 million followers that she had the suit fashioned by Christie Brown.

Determined to be ethical in all they do, production is maintained in Ghana supporting the local industry. We, at queeniebrownmagazine.com are glad this brand is part of the Ethical Fashion Initiate and are passionate about the impact they make, but, this season's blend is why we simply had to share Christie Brown with you. 

Remember to let us know what you think.


Don't Think We Forgot the FOOTWEAR to go with It!

Do you know
Tori Soudan?

Well Television  talk show host. 
Tamron Hall, does. if you ever wondered about some of those faaaabulouus boots she wears on the show, they are Tori's!

believing that people should dress from the shoes up, Tori's passion was born out of a 9 year-old's love for fashion after her mother taught her to make dresses. she progressed from designing her classmates' prom dresses to studying design at Parsons School of Design, and interning with Tommy Hilfiger.

Debuting her first collection in 2011, Tori's Fearless and sophisticated styles are 
handmade in Italy by master artisans. Each look is inspired by Tori's love of architectural shapes, art and all things exotic.

We certainly can see why so many celebrities sport her wears, all over the world!

Tori Soudan….webp
Julee Ankle Boot - Black and Gold $598.00
Julee Ankle Boot - Black and Gold $598.00
Menia Boot - Pink (Final sale) at 298
Lavonne Low Heel Sandal - Gold (Final Sale) $265
Colette Slide Shoe - Theta Tau Omegasale 245
Stephanie - Black and Gold (Final sale)Stephanie - Black and Gold (Final sale)Stephanie -

Garden Injury! If You Don't STRETCH.

Many of us love being out in the garden: toiling over adding new plants, scrutinizing (maybe even showing off) our fave flowers or features, pulling weeds, digging holes, watering; adding (even more) fertilizer, soil, grass seed and/ or mulch. Yes, indeed, we love it!


If you are any kind of gardener, you know what that is - no not troublesome insects, diseases, mould or blights(though those suck, too, but do come with the territory). What is worst of all are the body aches: the back, the legs, the neck, the shoulders, the hands!

My husband and I were in the garden for 16 hours this past long weekend... It was not our intention to do so, we were only going to plant the few plants we had recently purchased. The next thing I knew, I was extending a garden and reseeding our back lawn before my husband convinced me to call it a day... guess what happened next... my GLUTES made me pay! It has been seven FULL days of resting, stretching, strengthening, icing and heating - oh and sitting on a special donut pillow because stilling is literally a pain in my a - well, you get the picture. If you have been watching my  light workout vid, you know, I am an avid stretchier. Unfortunately (for me), prior to that weekend, I did not feeeeel like stretching for five days and nights. BOY! Have I paid the price as I continue to recover! 

Do yourself a favour, whether you are a gardener, a weekend warrior, a walker or sitting for hours in front of the computer or standing all day, STRETCH!

Do it for YOUR own good.

And hydrate!

Lemon water in wine glass.jpeg

If you have been following us, you know we LOVE our smoothies, cocktails, wines, and beers... did we say wine???

But a particular kick we have been on is water - with lemon. It all started with a rumour that this blend was helpful for sensitive tummies - those who suffer from gluten, lactose intolerances or just plain old "sensitive" tummies know what we mean. 

This clear, clean, simple drink helped begin our days so well, we cannot stop! 

Of course, you can compliment your water with any fruit of your preference (mint and blackberries may be a nice treat), but, the citrus of lemon water is so potently flavourful and refreshing (not to mention lower on the sugar count but higher on the vitamin C), we are extremely satisfied with this flavour.

Personally, I make my blend on demand as opposed to in a pitcher waiting in the fridge. I simply squirt a slice of a lemon (on standby) into an 8 oz cup (or a fancy glass for fun!) and sip it with a straw. I also prefer my lemon water at room temperature with no peel - just a hint of juice seems to prevent heart burn, but makes me feel like I am indulging in a tasty treat!

On a sunny hot day, I add ice because I find it more thirst quenching than the sugary sweetness of lemonade!

Try it. Tell us what you think.


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