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Media Kit

Mission Statement

Black owned and led from its inception, offers a safe, inspiring, space for the current and next generations belonging to The African Diaspora, and communities often neglected by mainstream media. Our primary focus of building communities in which to thrive with a direct intention to elevate growth and sustainability through stunning pictorials, highlighting great works by community members, increased positive visibility has been QBM's mission since 2014. 

Audience Profile

A majority of our audience hails from North America (57%) with Canada pulling slightly ahead of US participants. This site generates interest across the world with a growing notice from Africa, Europe, Jamaica and Asia. The viewer is on the move, savvy, optimistic, community oriented, nostalgic, a lover of fashion, fine art as well as a healthy lifestyle through food and fitness. The QBM visitor values their time while thriving on celebrating and relaxing with those they love. They strive for a deeper understanding about their own as well as other cultures with a commitment to continual, personal, growth. The individual loves cocktail and quick/easy recipe ideas as well as inspirational messages. With a more generous budget in hand, the individual appreciates, and is committed to, supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and the independent business. They belong to one of two major demographic groups: the professional woman over 40 who is an empty nester or who has older children as well as the 20 something (under 30) category who demonstrate a very strong engagement (on Instagram). 


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