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Let's Talk, Queen



Have you seen the recent series in the Shondaland dynasty? It is the long awaited version of Queen Charlotte's story.


Born May 19, 1744, in Mecklenburg-Strelitz (now part of Germany), Queen Charlotte's birth name was Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. She married King George III on September 8, 1761, and they had 15 children. Queen Charlotte's ancestry has been the subject of speculation and debate among historians and researchers for many years. The topic of debate was/is her African ancestry. Well, presumed African ancestry.


Some have suggested that Queen Charolette may have had a multi-ethnic heritage due to what is identify as: "African features" in some of her portraits. Hence, Shonda Rhimes' telling, in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story that debuted, May 4, 2023, on Netflix.

Why the intrigue, you might wonder?


Considering the grotesque history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and horrors African descendants have experienced as a result, the multi generations (13?) of royals who perpetrated said horrors and prejudices could very well have been of African heritage. But let's not stop there, along with British royals, Portuguese and Spanish royal families have experienced similar claims.

Although, it is said, "There is no historical evidence" to support these speculations, it has been argued that intimate evidence exists supporting them. 

Is that intriguing enough? 

Of course, when one considers the global travels, trades, cultural exchanges, and relationships, forged through the centuries, one must comprehend the likelihood of related evidence left behind.


A continent as rich and central as Africa: the first of civilizations, the holder of mass resources, the centre of trade for many millennia cannot be without traces of itself being left behind through people, traditions and information.  



The point?


Whatever the actual truth related to Queen Charlotte - or any other individual's heritage - is irrelevant.

The relevance lies in the knowing of one's self. Knowing that Society is fickle, so buying into the hierarchy of who society deems high value (royals, moguls, celebrities) vs those society deems less valuable is time wasting, if not damaging. Knowing that giving one's self permission to create the best life possible, is relevant. 


There will be those dedicated to the subjugation of others. But knowing this behaviour stems from self loathing, ignorance or a cruelty coming from personal insecurity, a desire for power/ control, mental health issues as well as a societal propensity glorifying violence and aggression is what matters as it makes them less potent - irrelevant, even. 

Such individuals cannot be culled from the world, but, they can be locked out of the personal world of one's mind, heart and one's life. Knowing, to avoid the snares of their lies and attacks, and to not take their harassment personally, is the secret to living that desired life. 

So live well!

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