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Often, in this segment, we discuss historical civilizations, timelines, and practices related to our ancestors. This issue, we are taking a more personal approach: recognizing the significance of honouring ancestors, particularly in our years of maturity; why it relevant; and the benefits connecting to past people can have on our well being.


Honoring ancestors is a way of acknowledging and expressing gratitude to those who came before us, recognizing their contributions, wisdom, and the impact they had on shaping our lives.

We, at know, as a people, we are like an ancient tree with roots as deep as the tree is tall, and sturdy, ever reaching branches stemming from stronger, even more massive, branches. So, it is of zero surprise to know, the practice of honouring ancestors - reinforcing intergenerational bonds that connect the past, present, and future - is rooted in cultures across the globe. 

Acknowledging customs, struggles, and achievements of our ancestors forms a connectivity that cannot be broken. Shaped through reading, story telling, lessons, songs, dances,  prayers, libations, travels and the myriad of ideas one can conjure, preserving heritage can build a strong sense of identity as one gains a deeper understanding of self. Looking back can be empowering as lost narratives are reclaimed and past traumas, healed. The healing will take time as many may experience the stages of loss. Discovering truths, and taking the time required to heal can offer a sense of wholeness. Honouring ancestors may also provide comfort during times of loss knowing that loved ones continue to be remembered and honoured.

As we mature, our wealth of life experiences: lessons, knowledge and accomplishments calls for reflection - to review all we had done as well as  to ponder the questions: where we are heading and whether or not the path we are on is the best path to our healthiest self.


As we review these questions, we may recognize the strength and resilience of our ancestors. We may receive their stories as a source of empowerment, realizing that the connection we have to them means we really are not alone. We can tap into the collective wisdom of lineage with a sense of purpose and determination to thrive, not only survive.


This connection also encourages the realization that our wisdom is for more than just ourselves, it is for the next generation to flourish. This keeping the legacy of ancestors alive is about inheritance. We are heirs who must receive that which is ours then inform the grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters of their rightful place in a world that insists upon informing them, otherwise. 

As experienced, mature individuals, descended from the first people, the significance of our lives by virtue of being here right now, is paramount. We have a sovereign enduring spirit that demands that we give as well as we seek, continuing to shape and inspire future generations.

Thank you for the lessons, even those I have yet to receive.

I am blessed to be here.

I am proud to walk after you and before the next.

I receive the gifts that are mine. And will pass them on in honour of you with the most loving of intentions.

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